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Why should my business have a website?

New Zealand has the highest Internet usage (per head) of any country in the world. Be visisble to these people!

A website increases your credibility
Portray a modern image by getting your business online with a stunning website created by qualified design professionals.

Differentiate your business from your competitors
By having a web presence, and operate smarter than those who don't.

Ensure your business is not overlooked
More people are using the internet to qualify the products / services they are looking for before they purchase.
If you are not on the web, your potential customers will go to a competitor who is.

Provide convenience to your customers
A website gives online self service options, online information and support 24 hours a day.

It’s a cheaper form of communication
A website can significantly reduce the costs of advertising. It's cheaper than brochures or advertisements.

Communicate quicker with your customers
Website updates are immediately seen by customers and can be immediately communicated to your audience through email lists.

Why use us?
Be Seen Online is your New Zealand web hosting provider, offering web hosting accounts with free setup and generous features since 2000.

Whether you need PHP, HTML, databases, or reliable and affordable reseller hosting, we can help. Small business, large business, blogs, bands, sports teams, shopping carts, forums, photo albums. We host them all, and would love to host you.

Consider making Be Seen Online your host today.


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